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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 9's website!

Troop 9 was started in October of 1970 by Skip Baxendell and has been going strong for over forty years. It started with six boys and grew to roughly 60 scouts in the mid-seventies. Today, Troop 9 is led by Scoutmaster Hugh Woodside with roughly 40 registered scouts. This boy-led troop empowers boys to be leaders by allowing them to develop a troop program and then take responsibility for figuring out how to achieve their goals. They accomplish this by electing a Senior Patrol Leader and then organizing into groups of patrols under the guidance of the Scoutmaster. The troop schedules one or two events each month consisting of campouts, community service projects, and activities such as swimming, dodge ball, plus much more. The troop meets weekly Wednesday evenings from September through June at the Penfield High School. At least three of these meetings are Courts of Honor during which scouts are recognized for rank advancements, earned merit badges, and other special awards.



Summer Camp
For many years, Troop 9 has gone to Camp Massawepie during the first full week of August with many of the older scouts participating in Mountain Fox. The troop uses this time to teach younger scouts skills needed for the rank of Tenderfoot, to provide scouts with the opportunity to complete merit badge programs in a variety of categories, and to challenge older scouts with high adventure outings such as mountain biking, canoeing, mountain climbing and more. The troop thanks the camp's friendly staff for making each trip safe and enjoyable for all.  Beginning with the summer of 2011, the troop elected to begin exploring other summer camp locations in addition to Massawepie and has attended Camps Gorton, Babcock-Hovey and Barton.  This change-up will provide the scouts with a wider variety of experience and also make available several merit badges not currently offered at Camp Massawepie.



Tote N Chip safety discussion before going to the axe yard


Each month the troop plans a camp out. These have included: bike hikes along the Barge Canal in the early fall; mountain climbs of Adirondack peaks; backpacking along the Finger Lakes Trail; a fun filled weekend at Camp Gorton; a walk along the Freedom trail in Boston; a trip to Gettysburg; getting dropped off at Sargent Pond in the Adirondack park by a sea-plane; seeing the sites at the Howe Caverns and the Baseball Hall of Fame; trips to Florida Sea Base; a canoe and kayak trip along the Barge Canal; a swim night at the Penfield Pool; a gym night where boys and adults play kick ball, basketball, dodge ball and more;

Our Favorite Campout - The Beef Roast
In early spring, a large portion of our troop (Scouts and families) joins together on a campout for a feast where a side of beef is cooked over an open fire. 

Why don't you take the opportunity to visit with members of our Troop by attending a meeting on a Wednesday evening at school venue (see our calendar on this site); or, simply send us an e-mail by using the Contact Us feature on this site.  In either case, you'll receive a hearty welcome!

Troop Meeting
Wednesday beginning at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm . See calendar for details and location.

Committee Meeting
3rd Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. See calendar for details and location